Ideas that work available from the Directly Yours Tarifold Store
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Ideas that work available from the Directly Yours Tarifold Store

Tarifold Pivoting Pocket Packs

Tarifold Pivoting Pocket Packs
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Clear plastic pockets protect your documents (8.5 x 11) from spills, smudges and dirt.
  • Tarifold one-piece steelewire pocket frames keeps pockets rigid while still being flexible enough to pop documents in and out of your wall, desk or rotary mounting mechanism
  • Color-coded frames for easy indexing complete with snap-on tabs
  • Tarifold one-piece steelwire pocket frames fit t/technic Tarifold systems
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  Stock No. Description Price  
  P090 10 Pockets Per Pack, Assorted Colors $ 55.20 BUY
  P010 10 Pockets Per Pack, Blue $ 55.20 BUY
  P020 10 Pockets Per Pack, White $ 55.20 BUY
  P030 10 Pockets Per Pack, Red $ 55.20 BUY
  P040 10 Pockets Per Pack, Yellow $ 55.20 BUY
  P050 10 Pockets Per Pack, Green $ 55.20 BUY
  P060 10 Pockets Per Pack, Brown $ 55.20 BUY
  P070 10 Pockets Per Pack, Black $ 55.20 BUY
  PA070 Antimicrobial, 10 Pockets Per Pack, Black $ 63.40 BUY
  P095F FoldFive Pockets, 5 Pocket Per Pack, Assorted Colors, Holds 50 sheets $ 77.30 BUY
  PCH5 Copy Holder Pockets, 5 Pockets Per Pack $ 30.20 BUY


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