Ideas that work available from the Directly Yours Tarifold Store
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Ideas that work available from the Directly Yours Tarifold Store

Tarifold Antimicrobial Desktop Organizer - Black Pockets

Tarifold Antimicrobial Desktop Organizer
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Antimicrobial Desktop Organizer provides the flexible solution to organize, protect and display reference documents.
  • Complete with desk base, universal mounting bracket, 10 black wire reinforced display pockets (holds 20 sheets), and a pair of side stops (which support the pockets)
  • Snap-on index tabs and hardware included
  • DA271 can be expanded to 20 or 30 pockets by adding additional WA271 units
  • Tarifold pockets have been manufactured with Agion silver ion compound, a proven antimicrobial agent, EPA registered and FDA recognized
  • Patented Agion compound is mixed right into the pocket material, providing the safest, most effective and longest lasting protection available
  • Sterifold pockets will release Agion antimicrobial silver ions when bacteria, yeasts, or fungii appears on the surface of the pocket
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  DA271 Antimicrobial Tarifold Desktop Organizer Starter Set with 10 Black Pockets $ 99.75 BUY
  WA271 Antimicrobial Tarifold 10 Black Pocket Expansion Set $ 92.90 BUY


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